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Soul Food for the Great Outdoors
Sample Menus for Epicurean Cowboy


Cowboy Chipotle Mango Crab Quesadillas
Grilled tortillas combined with hand picked “Rock Crab” Meat,
grilled pasilla chilies with an assortment of melted Mexican cheeses, fresh Mango, key lime zest, cilantro, mild Chipotle Salsa

Brie and Creamy Mushroom Pyllo

Pan Toasted “Paper Shell” Pecans
with a touch of Sea Salt and Chili

Grilled Australian Lamb Chops
with a Basalmic Reduction and Mint Sauces

West Texas Quail Fry
Boch-Beer Battered Semi-Bonelss Farm Raised Quail
served with a Mexican Adobo Dipping Sauce

Cedar Plank Salmon
Dry rubbed Salmon with Brown Sugar, Dark Roast Coffee,
Hawaiin Pink Salt, Fresh Ground White Pepper and Cumin,
Grilled over a mesquite fire on wine soaked Red Cedar Planks

Asian Spring Roll with Sweet Thai Chili sauce
Fresh hand- made organic Bok Choy cabbage, cilantro,
orange blossom honey, mint and a sweet Thai chili glaze

 Bruscetta of  a lightly Toasted French Baguette
Santa Barbara Haas Avocado, Fresh Basil, Sweet Roma Tomatoes,
aged Balsamic Vinegar, Asiago P.D.O.

Organic Greens Salad Bar

 Organic Spring Mix, Arugula, Water Cress
Balsamic and Japanese Rice Wine vinegar, Lemon zest, honey

Chefs Selection Of Home Made Desserts

Salad Bar, pate, cheeses, crakers and fresh breads
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